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Tasha Morrison, Founder of Be the Bridge to Racial Unity

I have hired Sharifa both as a panelist and a writer to communicate about the challenges and benefits of bridge building toward racial unity. She has ably communicated about this difficult and sensitive subject with a kind of compassion, tact, and honesty that moves the conversation forward.

Michele Kappas, White Rock Fellowship Church

We thoroughly enjoyed having Sharifa with us at White Rock Fellowship speaking to our women about running the race of following hard after Christ. Sharifa spoke with authenticity and excitement as she talked about keeping our eyes on the King the entire journey. We left feeling challenged to continue to fight that which hinders our focus and encouraged to follow wholeheartedly after Jesus as sisters in Christ who partner together for the sake of the gospel.

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Dr. Sandra Glahn, Professor and Author

Sharifa Stevens is a brilliant speaker, singer, and writer. Her words bring glimpses of shalom in a broken world, leaving listeners and readers with a hunger to love God with all their minds, souls, hearts, and strength.

Cindy Rawles, Women's Ministry Director, Grace Bible Church

Sharifa is authentic, engaging, and disarming. She's spot-on in her theology and Bible knowledge and shares it with humor, enthusiasm, and real passion. She was such and encouragement to our Young Moms group. We love Sharifa!